East Java Investment Performance

From year to year, East Java has grown to become a
favorite investment destination for businesses; both foreign and
domestic investors. Investment in East Java grows convincingly.

The investment realization performance of East Java in
the first semester of 2020 recorded a growth rate of 59.2 percent
(y-o-y), or exceeding the national investment performance which
rose in the range of 1.8 percent (y-o-y). Investment Coordination
Board (BKPM) Indonesia Republic official data release , in January-
June 2020, total investment (FDA and DDI) in East Java is worth
IDR 51 trillion, consisting of IDR 12.5 trillion of Foreign Direct
Investement (FDA) and IDR 38.4 trillion of Domestic Direct
Investment (DDI).

East Java achieve second ranks nationally, after West
Java, which recorded a realization figure of IDR 57.9 trillion, and in
third place, DKI Jakarta, which was IDR 50.2 trillion.

There are various sectors as investment destinations in
East Java, ranging from agribusiness, energy,transportation,and
manufacturing, to tourism. The presence of these investments
was able to create jobs to more than 790,000 workers, both in the
primary, secondary, and tertiary sector.

Workers make cigarettes


East Java Investment Realization in 1st Semester of 2020 grew 59,2% (yoy) ,
Higher than National Investment Realization which is 1,8% (yoy)

Investment Profile

Total investment realization in 1st semester of 2020 reached
IDR 50,95 Trillion, described as follows

The realization of the East Java DDI was
supported by transportation, warehouse
and telecommunications sectors which
contributed Rp. 18.72 trillion, while FDI
realization was mainly supported by the
chemical and pharmaceutical industry
sector with the value of Rp4.26 trillion.
Pasuruan Regency is a favorite of DDI
location with a realization value of
Rp2.6 trillion, meanwhile Surabya city be
the FDI favorite with a realization value
of IDR 11.5 trillion. Highest investment
contribution came from Singapore with a
realization of IDR4.03 trillion.
(Source : LKPM, 2020)

Top Investment Business Field

(Source : LKPM, 2020)

The distribution of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry is dominant in Jombang and Gresik Regency. Food industry are spread dominantly in Mojokerto and Pasuruan Regency.

The distribution of Housing, Industrial Estate and Office Space are spread dominantly in Sidoarjo dan Pasuruan
Regency. Whereas Transportation, warehouse and telecommunication sector are spreading dominantly in Surabaya City and Sidoarjo Regency.

Top Investment Business Field

(Source : LKPM, 2020)

Top FDI Project Location

(Source : LKPM, 2020)

Top DDI Project Location

(Source : LKPM, 2020)

Top 10 FDI Country of Origin

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