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Investment And One-Stop Integrated Licensing Service Agency of Bojonegoro Regency

Mal Pelayanan Publik, Jl. Veteran No. 34, Bojonegoro 62119

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Background :

  • Wonocolo Geopark (Petroleum Geoheritage Bojonegoro) is a traditional old oil well m i n i n g a re a t h a t h a s p o t e n t i a l o f Geoheritage Petroleum and Geopark Petroleum . The numberof old oil wells is 515 wells, oil extraction is done by traditional draining since 1800. production reaches 1.200 barrels per day, deposited to Pertamina EP Asset 4 Field Cepu at an average of only 400 barrels per day. The operational authority is under Pertamina Cepu Field Exploration and Production (EP) Asset 4.
  • Currently, the tourism object is managed by the Bojonegoro Regency Tourism Office and Community Groups (i.e. Pokdarwis) but it has not been professionally managed ad is not et a commercial business. The development of attractions requires private investors. The view of traditional old oil mining is very suitable as adventure, off road and educational tours.

Wonocolo Village, Hargomulyo Village and
Beji Village, Bojonegoro Regency

Project concept :

  • Wonocolo Geopark is planned to accommodate 20.000visitors per day, with facilities:
    • Museums of petroleum, playgrounds,attraction about geopetroleum, etc
    • Settlement of petroleum miners left over from the Dutch Colonial

Project Status :

Business Prospectus Ready

Business Scheme :

Joint Cooperation with local Government &
Regional Owned Enterprise


Around IDR 199 Billion
Working Capital : IDR 39 Billion
Land Area : .>100 Ha


IRR : 15,39% %
Payback Periode : 5 years 3 Months
Time Periode (N) : 25 Years

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