Background :

The superiority of Ngawi Regency lies in the agricultural sector, especially food crops.
The development of agro-tourism, by utilizing the potential of agriculture as a tourist
attraction, both the potential in the form of natural landscapes of the agricultural area
as well as the uniqueness and diversity of agricultural activities and technology as well as
the culture of the agricultural community has a very big opportunity.
In an effort to develop agro-tourism, the Ngawi Regency Government has built an Agro
Techno Park (ATP) in Ngrambe District. However, based on the ATP Master Plan, follow-
up is still needed to support the development of ATP Ngrambe as a tourist destination.
Currently, ATP is named Ngawi Planetarium Agro Park (NPAP).

Location :

Sub Districs Ngrambe Districs Kabupaten Ngawi

Description :

NPAP takes the theme from traditional to modern by developing the
concept of vertical agriculture which is the only one in Indonesia.
NPAPukasi concept is develops the concept of tourism services,
education, product sales training, agribusiness incubators, agro markets

Land : 34.546 m 2 ( districs and public owned )

Corporation Scheme :

KPBU (D – B – F – M – R – O – T / Design – Build – Finance
– Maintenance – Renovation – Operate – Transfer)

Facility :

Vertical farming/garden
• Planetarium
• Agro market
• Hostelry
• Café & restaurant
• Tangga wisata
• Bird aviary
• Coffe & kakao farm
• Byre
• Goat Pen
• Swimming Pool
• Amphitheatre
• Flower Garden
• Chirping bird contest arena
• Overpass
• Parking Area

Keunikan :
• Vertical Farming
• Zona Planetarium


Capital Expenditure : US$
Operating Expenditure US$


Equity FIRR – Target : 13.51%
Equity FIRR – Calculation : 16.92%
NPV – Equity : Rp12.485jt
Equity Payback Period : 12 tahun
Project FIRR – Target : 9.30%
Project FIRR – Calculation : 9.30%
Project NPV : 0
Project Payback Period : 19 tahun

Contact :

Dinas Pariwisata, Pemuda dan Olah Raga Kabupaten Ngawi
Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 63 Ngawi
Email :
DPMPTSP Kabupaten Ngawi
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.33, Kerek, Margomulyo, Kec. Ngawi,
Kabupaten Ngawi, Jawa Timur
Email : [email protected]

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