Background :

  • Government policy on export duties for cocoa beans is actually intended as a driver so that the cocoa industry can be more developed, not only to the processed industry in the form of cocoa powder or cocoa butter.
  • In Blitar Regency there are thousands of hectares of cocoa plants that have only been taken outside the area.
  • The chocolate industry in Blitar Regency is seen as very important because with this industry, Blitar Regency will get considerable benefits, including being able to increase employment opportunities, move the regional economy, promote the processed food industry in Blitar Regency.
  • Blitar trading capacity of cocoa beans is still 40-50 tons every month or 480-600 tons every year, the opportunity for seeds that we can reach up to 200 tons every month or 2400 tons every year.
  • Meanwhile, the processing capacity of chocolate bars and powder is still 1 ton every month or 12 tonnes every year.
  • Blitar also want to develop 100 hectares of cocoa agroforestry in collaboration with PT Perhutani.


Around IDR 9.27 Billion

A. Trading Chocoa Beans :
Investment Value : IDR 3,000,000,000
Investment shares value : 20%
Estimated profit : IDR 60,000,000/ month
BEP = 1 years 5 months to 4 years 2 months

B. Investment in processing industry :
Investment Value : IDR 4,000,000,000
Investment shares value : 20%
Estimated profit : IDR 52.400.000/ month
BEP = 6 years 4.3 months

C. Cocoa Plantation :
(development of 100 ha of cocoa farms)
Investment Value : IDR 2,270,000,000
Investment shares value : 30%
Estimated profit : IDR 0,000,000/ month
BEP = 4 years 11.5 months


Kademangan, Blitar Regency
Land Area : 3500 m2 (Private Owned)

Business Scheme :
Sharing Profit

Contact :

DPMPTSP Blitar Regency

Jl. Veteran No.10, Kepanjen Kidul, Kec. Kepanjenkidul, Kota Blitar, Jawa Timur 66117

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