Indonesia is the 4th countries with highest population growth in the world, and East Java province occupy 2nd population of Indonesia after West Java. The high population and its distribution are closely related to the problem of fulfilling drinking water that is healthy and suitable for consumption. Based on these conditions, there is great potential for efforts to fullfilled the needs of healthy and economical drinking water for the community by producing bottled drinking water (AMDK). with the consistency quality of production and services , the demand continues and increase to reached its maximum production capacity, so that in the future there will be many potential consumers who are not served. therefore to increase production capacity it needs develop and expand the factory So that can fulfilled the community needed. On the other hand, the addition of this new factory will certainly open up wider employment opportunities for the surrounding community

Contact Person
Mr. KH. Abdullah Munif Ma’ruf
Anwarul Maliki Islamic Boarding School
Telp. +62 813 8808 8888

LocationAlternative 1
Pacet Sub-district, Mojokerto Regency
Alternative 2
Sukowiryo Sub-district, Bondowoso Regency
Investment ValueIDR 70,661,596,444
Land Area1 Ha
– 1 ha factory area,
– factory building 1000 m2,
– musholla, shelter, roads, parking area 1450 m2
– employee mess 500 m2
– 1 unit drinking water processing machine
– 1 unit oxygen machine for water and packaging
– distribution vehicle
IDR 99,347,93199930%2 Years 6 Months