Background :

Sarangan Lake is the most attractive tourism destination in Magetan Regency, yet It hasn’t had any attraction tourism like a mini Waterboom and eye trick museum
Magetan also have a Food Court named “Rumah Makan Duta” and also former terminal
Ngerong, that haven’t been used for a long time. It can be developed into new attraction tourism in Magetan, to streghten the variety of tourism object choices in Magetan regency.

Project Concept :

  • Teras sarangan come up with semi-outdoor concept to keep the natural atmosphere and completed with developing mini water boom, rest area, food court and also eye trick museum. Development of Teras Sarangan will be carried out with eco theme park method.


Plaosan Districs Magetan Regency
Project Area : 7,425 m2
Owned by The Government of Magetan

Project Status :

Business Prospectus Ready


Around IDR 8 Billion
Working Capital : IDR 1.6 Billion


NPV : IDR 6 Billion
IRR : 14,5 %
Payback Periode : 10 Years 10 Month
Net B/C : 3.99
BEP : 24.499 visitors

Business Scheme :

Profit Sharing Magetan Regency dan Investor

Contact :

Investment And One-Stop Integrated Licensing Service Agency of Magetan Regency

Website :

Telp : +62351891321

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