East Java Provincial Government Commits to Build a Halal Industrial Zone in Sidoarjo

Khofifah Indar Parawansa, the Governor of East Java, emphasized that the East Java Provincial Government is determined to build a halal industrial area in Sidoarjo. Hundreds of hectares of land have been prepared.

He had stated that at the East Java Investival 2020 event which was held at the Ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel Surabaya, Thursday (27/11/2020) yesterday.

According to him, currently 148 hectares of land in an area in Sidoarjo is ready. The East Java Provincial Government and one of the companies in Sidoarjo are preparing it.

Unfortunately, he did not mention in more detail the locations of the land that were ready and which companies would be the investors for the halal industrial area.

The former Social Minister said he wanted Indonesia as the world’s largest Muslim country to be included in the top 10 of the world’s halal food industry with the existence of a halal industry in East Java.

“According to the State of Global Islamic Economy 2019-2020, Indonesian halal food has not yet entered the top 10 in the world. Halal fashion already. So we want to prepare a halal industrial estate, “he said.

He explained, the potential for halal culinary in East Java is actually very abundant. He regrets that this potential is not maximized. The regional development plan is being finalized.

The plan is for the Halal Industrial Estate in Sidoarjo to be equipped with an LPPOM MUI laboratory, processing halal certification, as well as all industrial facilities.

The target industry can get into this area of course the main thing is the food and beverage industry in east Java. Not only that, the Provincial government will also be targeting the cosmetic industry.

Khofifah has conveyed this halal industrial estate development to Bahlil Lahadalia, the Head of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board when communicating virtually.

To the Head of BKPM, he hoped, East Java could be included in the declaration of a national halal industrial area development area after Batang and Subang.

“We will try to bring in investors from within or outside the country. Because this will be our entrance to the top 10 to foster community welfare, “said Khofifah.

Not only talking with the Head of BKPM, he has also communicated strategically with Yohanes K Legowo, the Laos Ambassador and the Indonesian Ambassador to Australia regarding investment.

To the Indonesian Ambassador to Australia Khofifah said that East Java currently needs quality dairy cows from kangaroo country.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Australia welcomed Khofifah’s request and in the near future sent staff to follow up on the potential investment.

“Australia is indeed superior in the field of nurseries. Indonesia excels in the field of fattening. In Australia, there are quite a lot of Indonesian diasporas who have succeeded in becoming cattle breeders. This is an opportunity, ”said Yohanes.

There are quite a lot of areas in East Java that can become locations for the development of the dairy industry. Both Malang and Magetan have mature infrastructure regarding the development of the dairy industry.

In addition to potential investment in the dairy industry, EJI 2020 also offers many other investment potentials. One of them is the potential for investment in integrated poultry farming and the Wonocolo geopark as an environmentally friendly investment in Bojonegoro Regency.

One that is already ready to run is investing in the construction of a hospital in Tuban.Aries Mukiyono Head of the DPM-PTSP east Java said, he himself will be commanded.

“After this EJI 2020, we will follow up on what the Governor ordered. One of them is the construction of a hospital in Tuban. We will command it so that the investment requirements are met and run concretely, “he said.

Previously, Aries stated, throughout 2020, despite being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, investment realization in East Java grew positively. From January to September, investment performance in East Java grew 42.1 percent.

“The investment realization reached IDR 66.49 trillion with a share of IDR 47.39 trillion of PMDN and IDR 19.10 trillion of PMA. PMA is dominated by the Chemical Industry sector in Tuban from Singapore-based investors, namely PT Pertamina Rosneft Processing and Petrochemicals, ”he said.

He hopes that with the successful implementation of EJI 2020, the realization of investment in East Java next year will be even more boosted. (den / ang)

Source : https://www.suarasurabaya.net/ekonomibisnis/2020/pemprov-jatim-bertekad-bangun-kawasan-industri-halal-di-sidoarjo/

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