Investment Opportunities – TOURISM

Investment Opportunities – TOURISM

East Java International Trade Performance

infographic East Java International Trade Performance

USA, China, and Japan are East Java’s main trading partners, both in exports and imports. Swiss has recently climbed up the ladder in East Java’s list of export destinations, due to high export of jewellery. The Performance of East Java International trade is illustrated in the following infographic

East Java Investment Profile

Total investment realization in 1st semester of 2020 reached
IDR 50,95 Trillion, described as follows

The realization of the East Java DDI was supported by transportation, warehouse and telecommunications sectors which contributed Rp. 18.72 trillion, while FDI realization was mainly supported by the chemical and pharmaceutical industry sector with the value of Rp4.26 trillion. Pasuruan Regency is a favorite of DDI location with a realization value of Rp2.6 trillion, meanwhile Surabya city be the FDI favorite with a realization value of IDR 11.5 trillion. Highest investment contribution came from Singapore with a realization of IDR4.03 trillion.
(Source : LKPM, 2020)

East Java Investment Opportunities – Tourism